Backing Story

Where Does Mae Bomb Bae Come From??

Mariah Furlow is a vibrant 25 year old woman on the south side of Chicago. Growing up with different issues like Acne, Dark spots and Hyper-pigmentation, Mariah never felt comfortable wearing shorts or even going to the beach. That was something that really got to her. So she created a product with natural ingredients.  

The short version is Mariah's family calls her Mae Mae which is a family name. She enjoys aromatherapy and she considers herself quite a Bae. However,  Mae Bomb Bae really came about in December 2019 when Mariah was gathering with friends to talk about future businesses,  credit scores (I know boring right? Flip your mind) Black Business, longevity and family of course. It was thrilling and captivating to be among such individuals who want a better future. Not just for themselves but because they know that we have individuals depending on us. . Our kids and grand kids can have something when they come into this world. At least that's what's important to Mariah. Check out the Shop section and start shopping today.